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What is the Pig-Counter doing?

Counting pigs without faults

The Pig-Counter is able to count all pigs within the field of vision without faults. One direction is counted positive and the other direction negative. A display is showing the number of counted pigs continuously. This enables an easier grouping according to the number of the pigs.

Saving and reporting the number of pigs

After the counting process, only one confirmation is necessary to report the number of pigs to the intended report database. Furthermore the data can be transferred to the in-house quality management system automatically.

Proving the number and the condition of pigs

The Pig-Counter processes the video of the animals automatically. A fast and distinct proof of the correct number of pigs is possible, as the counting process is visualised clearly within the generated video. It is possible to rate the optical conditions of the animals within the video, as well.

Why should I use the Pig-Counter?

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As a pig farmer you can save time and money by using the Pig-Counter to count your animal stock. Just one touch is enough to count your pigs automatically. You can focus on the process of changing the stall and regrouping the animals. Afterwards the correctness of the counting result can be retraced in the video summary of the process. Another confirmation of the correctness is enough to report the number of the animals or to save the data in your in-house quality management system. The generated video can be used to prove the number of pigs and to prepare invoices automatically. According to that, the Pig-Counter is not only eliminating counting faults, but also enables the concentration to be on the animal and the animal welfare again.  And furthermore, the generated video can be used to examine the optical condition of your livestock. The Pig-Counter is a compact system, can be installed in almost every stable and you don't need any  additional hardware like RFID-eartags or reader devices. 


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